The irony in this whole debate falls somewhere between hilarious and mortifying. Let me be brief: our society is saturated with images of sex and sexualization. Young women, young girls are looking up to the likes of the Kardashian Krew, who became famous for sex. However, we tell young girls not to have sex. Viagra commercials on TV, magazines, etc lean towards making sex possible for Men, but then we tell women to close their legs, right? We make viagra readily available, yet birth control is extremely difficult to get depending on your age and insurance plan, if you are even lucky enough to have THAT in the first place, but that is an entirely different debate.

So, instead of blaming and criticizing women for having sex (because Men don’t have sex with women??), why doesn’t anyone attempt to solve the root of the problem? EDUCATION, availability and stopping mixed media messages to young people.

Or, if you don’t believe in painting your house orange, don’t paint it. If you don’t believe in driving an automatic car, then don’t drive one, both of those decisions have nothing to do with nor are harming anyone else. So, by some syllogistic logic: if you don’t believe in having an abortion, then don’t have one.

Angela’s response on ‘Republicans, Get in My Vagina’ comment thread
Saudi women were actually given the right to vote last year. This year, the King decided to give women the right to serve on the Shura Council, the highest legislative body in Saudi. The likelihood of women actually being elected to the Shura Council is slim-to-none because it’s Saudi’s version of the Old Boys Club but I hold out some hope. And being able to run in and vote in elections is fine but my question is: who’s going to drive women to the polls? A woman can run for office but can’t even drive herself to campaign stops or the voting booth. That sounds like a sore deal to me.

- Angelica Lindsey on Saudi women’s Rights. 

Angelica is an American woman who traded in her flourishing career, fulfilling passions and home in Arizona to move to Saudi Arabia with her children and husband. Read her adventures in this ongoing series, ‘American Woman in Saudi Arabia’