Nicola Briggs shares her advice to women on being comfortable in your own skin at 'The Window Sex Project' Workshop. Briggs is widely known for standing up and literally shouting out a male flasher, 51-year-old Mario Valdivia on the train who was subsequently arrested. 

The youtube video of the ordeal garnered over a million views and she was honored in March at the 5th Annual Women’s Awards.  Briggs said other male subway riders kept the Valdivia on the train until the police arrived. This was not the first time he did something like this, he did this back in 2007 and after making bail from this incident he did it a month later. Valdivia will be deported to Mexico. 

Briggs said: “It’s about getting over the embarrassment of that circumstance; and bringing the shame, taking away the shame, from you, as a woman being violated — and bringing the shame back on the perpetrator.”