She’s no Mary Tyler Moore! those girls aren’t "empowered" they’re idiots. The whole episode is about begging her parents for money while being incredibly disrespectful to them, quitting the job that doesn’t pay, and surrendering herself sexually to a guy who lies about safe sex and who never calls her. How is any of that funny?

-One Venus’ on the premiere of HBO’s ‘Girls’

What did you think about the premiere? Lena Dunham will be in a live chat on HBO at 2pm ET today!

Take the Pledge! Here’s How!

Venus Genus took The pledge.

Here are some actions you can take immediately to make a difference:

1. Tell 5 people about the film and share one thing you learned from watching it.

2. Parents- watch TV and films with your children. Raise questions like What if that character had been a girl instead?

3. Remember your actions influence others. Mothers, aunts and loved ones- don’t downgrade or judge yourself by your looks. Fathers, uncles and loved ones treat women around you with respect. Remember children in your life are watching and learning from you.

4. Use your consumer power. Stop buying tabloid magazines and watching shows that degrade women. Go see movies that are written and directed by women (especially on opening weekend to boost the box office ratings). Avoid products that resort to sexism in their advertising.

5. Mentor others! It’s as easy as taking a young woman to lunch. Start by having open and honest conversations with a young person in your life.

You are now dialed into a national movement to stand up to sexism and challenge the media’s limiting portrayals of gender. Together we will make a huge impact on contemporary society.

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Will you take the pledge?