It’s funny. You know those guys that claim to be ‘nice guys’ and then proceed to tell you how bitter they are that because they’re ‘oh so nice’ none of their female “friends” have given them “any” and they’re jaded and pissed about that? Yea, you’re not a nice guy. Because you’re a man who is breathing does not ‘make you a good catch.’ And not one soul on this planet is obligated to give you “some” or a drop of “any” just because you’re so called, “nice” or even a “good catch.” So keep that in mind when you’re doing a woman favors, when you have ulterior motives. Hello, my vagina is still attached to me, not you, me, last I checked. Just a friendly PSA. Oh and P.S.S having ulterior motives isn’t really all that ‘nice.’ Upon finding out a woman you are interested in is taking advantage of you and does not return the same interest, it is up to you as a capable human being, nice having nothing to do with the tea in china, to lose her. Basic human self-preservation tactic. If you have ever “complained” about being a nice guy, you’re not nice. If you were genuinely nice, as an element of your personality, you wouldn’t have to tout it. You wouldn’t be enraged because of it. You wouldn’t deem yourself ‘finishing last’ because of it. You’re an asshat and since there’s that widely held misinformed belief that all women like asshats and jerks, you’ll be bedded soon enough, but not because you’re nice.