She’s no Mary Tyler Moore! those girls aren’t "empowered" they’re idiots. The whole episode is about begging her parents for money while being incredibly disrespectful to them, quitting the job that doesn’t pay, and surrendering herself sexually to a guy who lies about safe sex and who never calls her. How is any of that funny?

-One Venus’ on the premiere of HBO’s ‘Girls’

What did you think about the premiere? Lena Dunham will be in a live chat on HBO at 2pm ET today!

As part of the Because I am a Girl report series, the ‘Real Choices, Real Lives’ cohort study was set up in 2007 to follow 142 girls from nine countries around the world from birth until their ninth birthday. Their stories help illuminate the decisions and choices families worldwide face as their daughters grow up, and are a vivid reminder that the facts and figures contained in each report are about real people real girls and their families.

Help with this Holiday Drive and Tell the World ‘Girls Are Not For Sale’

By Krishna Davenport A few months back out of sheer boredom I watched a documentary on Netflix called “Very Young Girls”. The documentary focuses on girls as young as 13 in the sex trade business and their fight to get out. The range of emotions that I felt by the end ranged from disgust,anger, fear and even small bits of joy at times. More importantly, I felt the need to get involved and help with their mission. Thus far I’ve donated money, live tweeted the movie and written about them on my blog but just didn’t feel I was doing enough. This evening the opportunity to do more scrolled across my facebook feed and I got excited! image

GEMS (Girls Education and Mentoring Services) made the statement “Girls Are Not For Sale’ and is asking for donations for the young ladies in their program. These are everyday items, most that we take for granted such as household items, under garments  and basic need items. I’m reaching out to all  to spread the word, so that we can do a large donation and let these girls know that we care. As women of the world we know that Girls need protected, uplifted and loved. GEMS was founded in 1998 by Rachel Lloyd, a young woman who had been commercially sexuallyexploited as a teenager Girls Educational and Mentoring Services’ (GEMS) mission is to empower girls and young women, ages 12–24, who have experienced commercial sexualexploitation and domestic trafficking to exit the commercial sex industry and develop to their full potential The InKind accepts donations year round,  however the drive for the holiday season is most important because of the loneliness the girls feel during this time. I am working with one of the Development Associates to get our donations into those gift bags. The official deadline is December 20th, I would like to have all of our donations together by December 15th. For those of you in the city please  drop your donations off to my office at  at 380 Madison Avenue (bet 46th and 47th) if you are unable to make it there during working hours I will make arrangements to meet you. Alena has graciously agreed to help with pickups in Manhattan and the Bronx as well. Weekend drop off points are to be determined. If you decide to write about the project and the drive please use the hashtag  #BloggersforGEMS.

If you would like to get involved contact

The movie can be watch in it’s entirety here: Very Young Girls. Follow GEMSGIRLS on twitter and like them on facebook to keep updated.