U.S. Ranks Last for Breastfeeding in Entire Industrial World

Save the Children’s report ‘State of the World’s Mothers’ says the U.S. has the least favorable environment for breastfeeding in the entire industrial world. They calculated a score for each of 36 industrialized countries based on maternity leave laws, rights to nursing break at work and other policy features. They cite Niger as the worst country in the world to be a mother. Their key findings: Children in an alarming number of countries are not getting adequate nutrition during their first 1,000 days, child malnutrition is widespread and it is limiting the future success of millions of children and their countries. Also, economic growth is not enough to fight malnutrition.

Breastfeeding Rank

1. Norway

2. Slovenia

3. Sweden

4. Luxembourg

5. Austria

6. Lithuania

7. Latvia

8. Czech Rep. 

9. Netherlands

10. Germany

11. Estonia

12. Poland

13. Portugal

14. France

15. Belgium

16. Ireland

17. Italy

18. Switzerland

19. New Zealand

20. Cyprus

21. Denmark

22. Greece

23. Slovak Rep.

24. Spain 

25. UK

26. Finland

27. Israel

28. Japan

29. Hungary

30. Liechtenstein

31. Canada

32. Iceland

33. Monaco

34. Australia

35. Malta

36. USA

Welp, my case for running off to France to raise my brood strengthens.